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Interior Architecture Firm

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Alitini Design is an architecture and interior design firm that deals with residential and commercial designs.

A team of fervent and creative minds, firmly united by the desire to devise innovative stylistic and design solutions, capable of satisfying even the most complex and detailed needs.

Interior Design Studio

Bring your ideas to life. Trust our interior design studio and let’s create your project together.

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We only create Particular Projects

With an eye on sustainability and the future of the environment – which we particularly care about – we bring our ambitious projects to full implementation, accompanying the customer in all phases of our program, from the very first ideation to the actual realization of the project.

Contact us if you want to radically transform your home or refresh the look of your commercial premises.

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Our Interior Design Services

Alitini Design deals with the creation of architectural concepts and projects that satisfy even the most particular and refined style needs. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated and modern design or a purely traditional one, we will be able to provide you with an intervention strategy tailored to you and your venue.

Alitini Design always seeks practical and cutting-edge solutions to give a new life to your property so that it fully meets your expectations.

Whether it is a private apartment or a hotel, our interior design always aims at the same goal: continuous improvement for the construction of a world that is as inclusive as possible for everyone and on a human scale.

This is our mission, to design structures and interiors in which functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand, because only a perfect combination of the two leads to the perfect project.


Unique and particular projects

We design with passion, which is why with us you can dare more. You can ask us for all the stylistic changes that you think reflect the vision of your business and we will certainly be able to satisfy you.

Alitini Design is for those who want to go further and transform a simple idea into a daydream.

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Architects and Interior Designers: why both figures?

Alitini Design guarantees customer support from the beginning to the end of their journey. We do not limit ourselves to the architectural design of your apartment or commercial space, but we make sure – by making use of the professionalism of experts in different fields – to also offer you a study and design service for the interior of your property.

This is why we believe it is so important that both architects and interior designers work on the project, because we want to give you a renovated or designed from scratch place that is perfectly balanced, with exteriors and interiors in harmony.


Sectors of intervention

Alitini Design deals with the design of apartments, villas, single-family and multi-family houses. We design accommodation facilities such as hotels and bed and breakfasts, but also restaurants, bars and commercial premises. We work on new buildings and renovations.
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Interior Design


Hotel and B&B Design

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architectural studio for design hairdresser shop


Design of Shops and Wellness Centers

Why choose us?

What they say about us...

By relying on Alitini Design you will be able to obtain a unique project tailor-made for you, defined down to the smallest details both in terms of functionality and style.


We renovated our house and we were pleased with the way we were looked after from the first to the last moment when we were given the keys. We were helped a lot in making the most of the spaces, in advising on materials (also respecting our finances), in furnishing and in making the best possible use of the lights we put in. The architect Alitini accompanied us day in and day out in this long and troubled adventure, helping us as much as possible to avoid any problems, present on the construction site almost every day and ready for any eventuality even outside the canonical working hours. He also advised us on the colors to give to certain walls based on what we wanted to have as furniture and now that everything is finished, the result is definitely impressive. We highly recommend it to anyone who has plans for apartments or other projects, as we are convinced that it would be able to give a particular look to even the most monotonous of studio apartments. Thanks so much Luca.

Francesco Santanna

I recommend it to anyone who wants to renovate or invent something innovative and particular. In my office Mr. Altini did a truly superlative job. Kindness, availability and patience with that pinch of extravagance that allowed me to have a beautiful and very particular office, thanks to Mr. Altini.


Pietro Falcone

A good feeling was immediately created, the architect, after an inspection and a conversation about what I was interested in creating, created a project that he explained clearly to me, making me immediately understand what he wanted to create. A truly prepared and very professional person, not only from a work point of view, he presents himself as an available person and ready to accept any changes to the project. The work team he uses is excellent, very helpful and versatile staff on the various jobs that arise. My apartment has certainly acquired value both from an economic and personal point of view, becoming much more enjoyable from both a practical and aesthetic point of view. My studio apartment has turned into a miniloft, if you can call it that, with a mezzanine. Very positive experience. I will certainly recommend others to turn to architect Luca Alitini, and I will certainly turn to him for all the other work I do in the future. +++