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AlitiniDesign Studio was founded by Luca Alitini. Born in Florence in 1979, he has always been passionate about unique spaces and unconventional shapes. He loves to design interiors, creating non-trivial architecture and playing with extraordinary lines and lights.

Gli "ingredienti" del nostro successo"
Luca Alitini Interior Designer

Who I Am

A creative and highly imaginative interior designer, eager to use unique ideas. Skilled in both residential, hotel and commercial design.

Her aim is to transform the client’s dreams into their waking reality

We always strive for a clear approach with our clients regarding their expectations for the project. This way, we can brainstorm ideas that truly satisfy the desires that any client has, especially when starting a relationship with an interior designer.

We always repeat that it’s not all about the money. In fact, in any type of project, ideas are the most important thing. Although the amount of money that can be invested in a project is an important factor, it is not what determines the outcome.

Great design doesn’t have to be expensive.

Our brilliant ideas will clearly show you how, often with little, you can achieve amazing results. That’s why you can confidently turn to us: together we will make your desires the key to your happiness.

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