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Design B&B : advice for the realization of your project

Are you starting to design a bed and breakfast (B&B) but don’t know where to start? Do you have difficulty organizing spaces or lining up ideas? I’d say it’s more than normal! The planning of a hospitality business such as a B&B is quite complex, especially with regards to the spatial organization of the structure in and of itself. If you are not in the profession, it is likely that a thousand doubts and just as many questions will arise in you. You will certainly have uncertainties about the ideal number of rooms, about the correct arrangement of the furnishings inside them, as well as about the breakfast service that distinguishes this hospitality model compared to that of other accommodation facilities.

Here, therefore, is a practical and complete guide for you that explains how to proceed when you need to plan the spatial organization of your B&B and that will provide you with some useful interior design advice to complete the project. Below you will find some useful information, as well as regulatory references and design criteria to take into account in advance to set up a complete and compliant structure.

Why a bed and breakfast?

We define bed and breakfast as the hospitality business – mostly family-run – of those who provide the customer with the combination of bed + breakfast as a service. The service is defined within certain limits regarding the number of rooms, beds and breakfast service. The main differences between B&Bs and hotel facilities lie precisely in the reduced number of beds, in the family-type context and in the possibility for customers to come into greater contact with the reality of the place where they stay. Furthermore, another characteristic of this service is given by the fact that the owner’s residence coincides with that of the business. Whoever chooses to undertake the design work of a B&B must therefore be certain that they want to embrace this type of approach to the Host activity.


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B&B: useful regulatory references

An initial piece of information that may be useful to you is to know that bed and breakfasts are regulated differently by each region, which is why the rules relating to the maximum number of rooms per structure, the maximum number of beds and breakfast may vary depending on where you choose to open the business. We can therefore tell you that, depending on the region, the number of rooms can vary from 3 to 6, the number of beds can range from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 20, and the size of the surfaces also follows regional laws.

In all regions, specific hygiene and health requirements are envisaged, as well as the obligation to possess a habitability certification and a conformity certification for all systems present in the structure. For everything concerning the size of the rooms and furnishings, reference must be made to the rules of the individual Municipalities, to which control of the activities is delegated.

Complete and functional bedrooms: here's how

A complete and satisfactory bedroom for an accommodation facility such as a B&B must be equipped with a complete bed, a bedside table or equivalent for each bed – possibly equipped with a lamp. There must then be at least one chair, a table, a wardrobe with two doors, a mirror, a Wi-Fi Internet connection and, if desired, a television set. If the furnishing list is rather simple to follow, it must be said that it is not as simple to understand how to arrange all these elements in a room to obtain a comfortable and functional environment for the customer.

Interior design is in fact an area in which difficulties can arise, especially if you are not in the profession. This is why we offer you our services as interior design experts to provide you with all the assistance you need to make your dream of opening a B&B a truly achievable project.


Interior furnishings: not just bedrooms

To judge a bed and breakfast positively, it is not enough that it can boast comfortable and well-furnished bedrooms; the remaining rooms must also be functional and presented adequately. In fact, there are B&B which, although they have welcoming and quality rooms, lose many points in the arrangement of the furnishings at the entrance and in the presentation of the reception. Always remember that the hall – be it of a hotel or a B&B – represents the business card of the entire structure, which is why it must follow its style and be up to par with the other environments.

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In addition to the design of B&Bs, we also deal with the design of other accommodation facilities and commercial activities.

Who to trust: interior designers and architects

If you are in doubt about how to design the interiors of your bed and breakfast, because you don’t know how to manage floor plans or because you don’t particularly understand furnishing styles, know that you can always count on our team of experts. In fact, our architecture studio deals with planning the layout of furnishings for various types of hotel facilities, including B&B. We know the regulations and provisions to follow, and we will be able to direct you towards informed choices that respect both the laws and your wishes. Our mission is to create unique, functional and captivating environments, which follow a well-defined style and which give your structure the distinctive signature it deserves to have. Write to us for more information and to start realizing everything that, until now, represented only a vague project.


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