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Design beauty center


Design Beauty Center

The relaxation and beauty industry is currently experiencing a boom, as people – both women and men – are increasingly looking for moments to dedicate to self-care and their appearance in their daily routines. This is why opening a beauty center or wellness center can be an excellent business idea at this time.

The attention to one’s external appearance is growing, and the same goes for the interest in aesthetics in general. For this reason, if you choose to open a business of this type, it is a good idea to create workspaces that are worthy of the quality service you want to offer to the customer, and which are therefore always aesthetically pleasing and satisfying.

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Design beauty center

To design a beauty center, good business ideas are not enough; to define the layout of a beauty center and its spatial organisation, it is necessary to rely on expert people, on professionals capable of guaranteeing you work studied down to the smallest detail and therefore capable of conveying the real vision of your company.

Imagine entering a wellness center or a beautician’s office that appears old, dirty and decadent. You will never want to stop in such a place and put the care of your aesthetics in the hands of people who work in a similar environment. Here, therefore, the interiors of a beauty center become nothing other than the business card of our entire business. Quality services must therefore be combined with equally high-quality furnishings and layout of spaces.


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In addition to the design of beauty centers, we also deal with the design of wellness centers and other commercial activities.
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Design your beauty center

If you are an entrepreneur or a professional in the beauty sector with an ambitious project in mind such as opening a beauty centre, you must necessarily rely on a team of professionals for the management (conception, design and creation) of your work spaces . Our studio of architects and interior designers specializes in the management of complex floor plans, such as those of wellness centers or activities dedicated to aesthetics. But not only that: we also deal with the design of hotels, B&B and other hospitality businesses on a daily basis.

Bring your project to life with us

If you want to open a successful business you cannot fail to pay attention to the details of the furnishings. The rooms of your beauty center must convey charm, relaxation and well-being, because these are the emotions that customers are looking for when they rely on beauty professionals. Order and cleanliness must be palpable, in the spatial organization and scents of the rooms. Our interior designers will help you choose the right style for your center, functional and beautiful furniture – to be arranged in such a way as to enhance your property as much as possible – they will be able to advise you on the right colors for the walls and lighting that maximizes the idea of relaxation you want to convey. This work is naturally carried out in compliance with an agreed starting budget, which will provide our professionals with the route to follow throughout the entire project.


What can't be missing from your beauty centre

The continuous growth of the beauty sector now means that beauty centers become real points of reference for customers, therefore equipped with all the extra services you could wish for. By this we mean to say that you can no longer limit yourself to basic services such as hair removal and massages, but you must equip your facility with a solarium, a corner dedicated to nail technique and nail art, makeup and much more. There are those who then create collaborations to offer their customers even more targeted services, such as those of aesthetic medicine (fillers, dermopigmentation, tricopigmentation and similar), as well as those linked to the world of tattooing (tattoo and laser removal).

The furnishings of a beauty center

When furnishing a beauty center we must pay attention to some fundamental aspects such as the design and the spaces available to us. Tailor-made furniture allows you to make 100% use of the room’s spaces, avoiding waste in terms of square footage or the business appearing small and suffocating. The furniture must be arranged so that the center appears beautiful to look at, but also in order to offer its employees spaces that make their daily work easier. Our interior design experts design tailor-made furnishings and will be able to help you choose the right furniture for all types of rooms.

What can't be missing from your beauty centre

The various rooms of a beauty center must be the highlight of the structure, given that it is precisely on these that the majority of customer reviews are based. The rooms must be taken care of down to the smallest detail so that they convey positive sensations and instill in guests the desire to return to the centre.

Also in this case it is good to focus on custom-made furnishings, studied according to a very precise and coherent design line within the entire beauty center. However, beauty is not the only aspect to take into account: the furniture must also be functional, equipped – where necessary – with scratch-resistant coatings capable of protecting it from wear and time, assembled by professionals and built with quality materials.

Why choose custom-made furniture?

Designing tailor-made furniture for your beauty center allows you to:

  • Have a unique and unmistakable style, which customers will therefore not find anywhere else. This is an extra point for your business, which will allow you to stand out from the competition.
  • Have a functional furniture arrangement, therefore designed to enhance the environments you have available and to allow your employees to move around the beauty center easily.
  • Have a higher level of quality than your competitors, dictated precisely by the possibility of creating your furniture with carefully chosen materials.
  • Customize, then choose shapes and colors to your liking.

You will thus be able to create the beauty center you have always dreamed of without obstacles dictated by prefabricated furniture designed generically for all activities like yours.

Quality lighting

Among other things, our architects and experts will be able to advise you on the correct arrangement of light points, given that lighting has a huge influence on environments and, last but not least, on the mood of customers. This is one of the most important elements to take into consideration when designing a beauty center.

Regulations to follow

Among our services most appreciated by customers is the analysis of current regulations regarding hygiene and beauty. In fact, there are a series of rules to respect when opening a beauty center and entrepreneurs are not always able to orient themselves in the mass of documents that can be found online. Therefore, by relying on our experts, you can rest assured that you will be creating a project that fully respects the rules and is therefore perfectly compliant.


Who should you trust for the design of a beauty center?

For the design of your beauty center, rely on experienced professionals who will guarantee you constant peace of mind and safety. We also offer our services in the case of wellness centers and spa or for the design of hotels. Trust us and give your beauty center the uniqueness it deserves.


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