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If your dream is to open a hotel, perhaps in a wonderful tourist location, or you have the task of renovating the interiors of a luxury hotel, here you will surely find some useful information that is right for you.

The design of a hotel that is born from scratch, as well as that of the interiors of the structure alone, is not a simple task, having to take numerous variables into account. The furnishings of a hotel say a lot about the type of experience you want to offer guests and have a strong impact on the general atmosphere of the hotel. These do not only represent the business card of the structure, but also a characteristic detail that can make a hotel stand out from its competitors. The interior design must therefore fully reflect the mission of the structure so that the message addressed to customers on the type of stay they will experience is always clear and unambiguous. But how is it possible to make the interiors of our hotel truly special and capable of making the customer feel welcome?

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Hotel interiors: how to choose the style?

An accommodation facility cannot focus only on beauty, but clearly also on the hospitality and functionality of its services. In the same way, interior furnishings must also aim for distinctive characteristics of this type, which allow it to be differentiated from the competition.

The first thing to do, therefore, is to define the style you want to give to your accommodation facility. Do you want to give your hotel a classic note? Then you cannot miss the wooden furnishings with soft curves and elaborate decorations. If, however, you want to focus on a modern imprint, then feel free to give space to metal, shiny surfaces and more squared geometric shapes.

The choice of style is sometimes conditioned by the environment surrounding the hotel structure, because it is good that the hotel and the surrounding landscape come to a happy marriage that leads to significant advantages. The choice of interiors can then vary depending on our target customers; therefore, depending on whether we aim to welcome above all families with children, young students or rather wealthy couples.

In any case, whatever your choice, the important thing is to remain consistent with yourself and try as much as possible to create uniqueness, distinctive features that allow you to define the brand identity of your hotel and communicate it to your customer segment of reference. For more information and to receive advice from an expert you can contact us by phone: rely on our architecture firm and redefine the style of your interiors!

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Interior design: which environments should you focus on?

Let’s move on to more concrete issues and see together which environments require particular attention when you design a hotel. In fact, during the design phase, it is a good idea to focus particularly on the key spaces of the hotel, those that will be used most by customers to evaluate our structure once their stay is over.

Design an impactful hall

The hotel hall is the first welcoming environment for guests, the first thing they see when they set foot in our facility. It is an open space that must convey an idea of airiness and a common space in which it is possible to always find what you are looking for. For this reason we always recommend equipping the hall with large windows, which let in lots of light and give the possibility of seeing outside the structure. When we design a hotel lobby, the reception counter cannot be overlooked, as it must adapt to the layout of the structure and be highly functional at the same time. It is also a good idea to equip this first room with comfortable sofas and seats, which allow people to rest and wait in complete relaxation to receive the keys to their rooms. It is then advisable to decorate the hall with furnishings capable of distracting: paintings, plants, decorations of various kinds that intrigue the guest and distract him until he actually enters the bedroom.

Cozy and functional rooms

The bedrooms of our hotel must be the jewel in the crown of the property, as it is precisely on these that the majority of customer reviews are based. The rooms must be taken care of down to the smallest detail so that they convey positive sensations and instill in guests the desire to return to the facility.

Also in this case it is good to focus on custom-made furnishings, studied according to a very precise and coherent design line within the entire hotel. However, beauty is not the only aspect to take into account: the furniture must also be functional, equipped – where necessary – with scratch-resistant coatings capable of protecting it from wear and time, assembled by professionals and built with quality materials.

When we design the interiors of a hotel, the colors of the walls should not be overlooked. Better to prefer muted colors that promote relaxation or alternatively wallpaper with classic or geometric prints, depending on the style line previously chosen for the entire complex.

The layout of the restaurant

Another service subject to severe evaluations is certainly that of catering. Inside our restaurant we can not only offer quality food, but also impeccable service and an environment that makes you want to stop and eat. Then study the arrangement of the tables based on the positioning of the windows, lights and kitchen; Don’t forget coordinated cutlery and plates and special centrepieces.


Renovation or new opening? Here's who to turn to for interior design

In these few paragraphs we have already had the opportunity to see how complicated the interior design of a hotel is in its main areas, without even having gone into the details of common areas, meeting rooms, spas and so on.

For a tailor-made interior design, which truly reflects the spirit of your hotel facility, rely on professionals in the sector. Our architecture studio specifically deals with interior design, making use of a team of specialists who will be able to satisfy your wishes while respecting the floor plan of your accommodation facility. Our mission is to create unique, functional and captivating environments, which follow a well-defined style and which match your vision. Write to us to find out more.


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