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Design modern houses


Design modern houses

When you think about building a house and think about the functions that a house should be equipped with, you often think – even if in a rather generic way – of modern style, imagining that “modern house” can immediately translate into “naturally functional property , technological and aesthetically fascinating”. It must be said that, however, this association is not so immediate, because architectural style and technology do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Careful consideration must then be given to the lifestyle of those who are about to live in a modern-style house, because it is not always the best choice for everyone. Everyone has their own habits and routine, which do not always go well with a house of this type. In fact, there are those who prefer functional houses but with a classic taste, welcoming and warm, which recall those of the past. Let us therefore not confuse the functionality of the house with modern aesthetic taste, which is characterized by the preference for large windows, flat roofs, open space environments and light colours, to the detriment of classic brick cladding, wooden furniture carved with refinement and so on.

The design of a modern house must therefore be calculated down to the smallest detail and always be done taking into account the wishes of those who commission it. We therefore define the “ideal modern house” as the house capable of reflecting the dynamic personality of those who live in it and capable of satisfying daily desires and expectations of functionality.

Therefore, if you want to design a modern villa or a house with a particular and defined style, it is best to turn to professionals. In our hands, the interiors and exteriors of your house will take on shapes you can’t imagine and will positively surprise you in every detail. Contact us for more information or to consult our examples of modern houses from which you can be inspired.

DESIGN modern houses

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Modern houses that you don't expect: from stone to wood

Stone: If what you are looking for is a modern house with a timeless style, let yourself be won over by stone projects and our examples of modern villas with cladding of this type. Natural stone is one of the oldest materials known to be used in architectural contexts, which is why it has a somewhat classic and dated flavour. The truth, however, is that a material like this, if well used and valorised, can give today’s homes a unique and decisive style. Stone in itself was born as a highly functional material, capable of making homes robust and ideal for best finishing some internal details of the house. Aesthetic taste, although so decisive, is actually a secondary effect, which nowadays goes perfectly with the design of the latest generation houses. Consult our examples of modern stone villas to get an idea.

Wood: Wood represents the last frontier of contemporaneity. Contrary to popular belief, given the abundant use of this material in classic style homes, wood perfectly marries the modern cause and finds ample space in latest generation designs, both for interiors and exteriors. A capable and conscious use of wood in interior furnishing design gives a touch of warmth to even the most modern constructions. However, it is true that the use of wood changes from modern houses to classic houses; in the latter there is a tendency to want to elaborate it a lot, while contemporary design involves smooth surfaces, less soft and more squared geometric shapes, as well as bold colors for the creation of a coherent and effective stylistic line.

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Modern construction, ecology and eco-sustainability: what are the options?

When is it possible to define an eco-sustainable house? What exactly are we talking about when we mention so-called ecological houses? An ecological and eco-sustainable house is by definition a house designed from a design perspective and then built with natural materials, which stands out for its energy efficiency and its ability to reduce users’ consumption. In these homes, the use of intelligent appliances that use renewable energy is a given. The general objective of these projects is therefore to not impact the environment and to reduce waste to a minimum. Don’t get us wrong! Ecological houses are not necessarily minimalist as is often thought, but on the contrary, they are projects that can include the presence of a swimming pool, garage, porches and all the comforts of a traditionally understood villa. The important thing is that all these elements – whether inserted in a single-family or multi-family design context – impact the environment as little as possible. These are therefore real challenges for today’s architecture, which fascinate customers and which are finding a very good market.

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Home automation: what are modern smart houses?

Today, home automation can enter our homes to help us in a concrete way to measure actual consumption and to guide us to intervene where necessary to reduce waste. The so-called smart homes are equipped with equipment and monitoring systems capable of regulating the electrical system, the switching on of household appliances and so on for us, and more effectively. No, it’s not about a distant future, but about reality: contact our architecture and interior design studio for the design of modern and intelligent villas that meet your desires.

The interiors of a modern house

A self-respecting modern house must be equipped with open, airy and well-lit spaces. The size of the rooms is well designed, so as to make all the rooms proportionate and in balance with each other. At our studio you can find examples of modern style furniture both for two-storey houses and for villas or modern single-storey houses. We provide you with solutions for houses over 100m2 and for smaller house projects. Contact us to see some interior examples with us.


Who to trust: interior designers and architects

Our mission, as a team of architects and interior designers, is to work as best as possible to design unique modern houses, with functional, captivating environments and a well-defined style. Write to us for more information and to start realizing your dream of a house with a modern design.


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