Design restaurant


Design restaurant

If one of your future plans is to open a restaurant, you will certainly be starting to take into consideration the whole series of aspects that come into play when deciding to undertake such an important business project. However, it is not enough to just think about good food and how to structure the menu to set up a successful structure, but it is also good for you to carefully reflect on the spatial organization of the location you choose to offer your services to the public.

In other words it is essential that you take care of the interior design of your restaurant

Restaurants now, as we know, are not just the place to go in the evening to enjoy a good dish, but they represent real meeting places that must be able to satisfy our socialization needs. A good entrepreneur or owner must therefore think about how to design their restaurant so that the spaces are warm and welcoming, ideal for people to enjoy a moment of relaxation during the meal. It is precisely these details that make the difference between you and your competitors, which is why focusing on a design studied down to the smallest detail is now an essential factor for the success of a good catering business. Here are some tips that we recommend you follow if you intend to build a successful restaurant that brings with it a lot of satisfaction.


The choice of style, for a coherent design

One of the first choices you must make when designing your restaurant structure is that of style. Do you want a modern, classic or rustic restaurant? Do you want your establishment to become known for its meat offering, for the quality of its fish, for its pizzas or for its typical traditional dishes?

You understand well that there is an incredible difference in terms of style between a classy restaurant that offers modern cuisine and a fast food/rotisserie that simply caters to the needs of workers on their lunch break. This is one of the first aspects about which you must not have any doubts, because hesitations during construction risk leading you astray or producing uncertain results which will also put your customers in difficulty in identifying your restaurant style. Furthermore, as you can well imagine, the style and the offer on the menu must have a certain coherence between them so that everything works properly.

To give the right style to your restaurant you must therefore ask yourself who you are and what you want to offer your customers. Who is your buyer persona? That is, who is your typical buyer, the kind of customer you would like to see sitting at your tables?

Identifying the target will then also help you in other directly related choices, such as where to build the restaurant. You understand well that fast food or diners make more sense in highly frequented areas of your city or near offices, so that people can go there to eat on their lunch break. A fish restaurant acquires greater value if it is located near the sea. If, however, you want to open a luxury restaurant you will have to fit into the wealthy neighborhoods where you know you can find a good market.

If you feel lost right now because you have no ideas, look around! Learning from others is the best thing you can do, as well as relying on a firm of experts who can help you choose the style for your restaurant and, subsequently, the right design for the furnishings of your restaurant facility.


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Within a competitive sector such as the restaurant industry, it is very important to try to stand out from competitors. If you are designing your own restaurant you must strive to offer something more to your customers, so that they find a valid reason to book a place with you rather than at the tavern on the corner. There are a lot of restaurateurs who improvise as entrepreneurs but without a clear line, who struggle every month because customers are scarce and they can’t even understand where they are going wrong. You don’t have to make the same mistake. Always ask yourself why the customer should prefer you to others and focus on the details.


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Budget to invest

Budget management: don't spend, invest!

Before opening a restaurant you need to make a series of economic considerations which are essential for the success of a good project. If you are aware that you have a limited budget, it is useless to aim for opening a luxury restaurant with high standards, because you would probably not be able to purchase even the furnishings necessary to recreate the atmosphere needed to actually define yourself as a classy restaurant.

If economic availability is limited, it is better to downsize the restaurant project and think of a quality catering service which, in its own small way, still amazes customers with an intelligent and well-studied design.

Clearly this is not a simple job, especially if you have no previous experience in the interior design sector. So rely on our studio for the design of your restaurant, bar-restaurant or pizzeria.

A good distribution of spaces for a smart project

Even if you have a few square meters available, this does not mean that you cannot create a successful restaurant. The important thing when you already have a location is to study how to distribute the various spaces, so that the work of the employees is facilitated, and so that the furniture enhances the structure. The truth is that there are no minimum dimensions for opening a functioning restaurant, because the secret lies in the correct and intelligent layout of the internal spaces.

Se da un lato le zone adibite al solo lavoro del personale devono rispettare il solo criterio di funzionalità, quelle aperte al pubblico devono invece coniugare tanto la funzionalità quanto l’estetica. Se ci si affida ad un buon architetto non c’è nulla da temere, perché un esperto saprà tenere conto di tutti questi aspetti.

The rooms to be designed

  • Loading and unloading area for food and materials: the area must be studied so that the work is facilitated as much as possible; therefore, environments on the ground floor or where moving goods is not complicated are preferred.

  • Storage area, which the designer must design so that there is balance and correct arrangement of warehouses and pantries.

  • Kitchen and washing area, which in addition to functionality must comply with precise hygiene standards. The kitchen is the heart of the catering business and must therefore be carefully designed to provide future employees with a suitable workplace, as well as to comply with all the indications provided by the local health authority.

  • Areas open to the public which, as we were saying, must be presented in the best possible way. A good positioning of the entrance, the main room, any other secondary rooms, the possible bar area, the toilets and the cloakroom is needed. Lighting is essential in all these areas and must be studied so that the desired atmosphere is achieved (which must be adapted to the type of venue you have chosen to build).

  • The entrance is the space where the waiting room, the bar corner and also the cash register can be allocated; therefore, it is the business card for customers, since it will be the first thing they see when entering your restaurant. It is also the ideal environment to create access to the cloakroom and toilets.

  • Accessory rooms are all those environments that increase the quality of the service offered. We refer to closets, extra toilets or the cloakroom.


Restaurant design regulations

To carry out a design that complies with regulations, it is essential to keep in mind the national and local rules that must be respected when building the restaurant. Below are some examples:

  • Mandatory minimum requirements for production and packaging laboratories,�
  • Installation of systems inside buildings
  • Fire prevention
  • Overcoming architectural barriers,�
  • The building regulations of the municipality where the work is carried out
  • The hygiene regulations of the municipality where the work is carried out
  • Local health authority directives
  • Directives from the Fire Brigade command



Who to trust: interior designers and architects

If you are in doubt about how to design the interiors of your restaurant, because you don’t know how to manage floor plans or because you don’t particularly understand furnishing styles, know that you can always count on our team of experts. In fact, our architecture studio deals with planning the layout of furnishings for catering facilities and much more. With us you will be able to plan the construction or renovation of your home (apartments, single-family houses, villas) and carry out the design of your hotel, bed and breakfast or other accommodation facility.

Our mission is to create unique, functional and captivating environments, which follow a well-defined style and which give your structure the distinctive signature it deserves to have. Write to us for more information and to start realizing your project.


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