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Design of customized villas

Designing villas is not a simple job, especially when you have many furnishing ideas in your head and you want to aim for the creation of a home with a refined and particular style. We would all like to be able to boast a house with a unique and singular design, a villa in which the furniture goes well with the external environment in which the property is located, but this is not always an easy or affordable job for everyone. Interior design for villas is influenced by the surrounding landscape context, which is why you also need to be good at creating a perfect match between the interior and exterior of the house.

For these reasons, and for a very long series of other valid reasons, the design of a villa must always be placed in the hands of professionals, architects and interior designers capable of giving your home a style that will surprise you and satisfy your expectations. The villas, as they tend to be ambitious projects with a medium-high budget, are often customized, precisely because customers are looking for the creation of their dream home, which can satisfy their every whim. These are therefore homes with a detailed furnishing style, which reflects the personality of their tenants, homes full of comfort and 100% functional.

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Design villa: what are the preliminary stages?

– The urban planning framework: when designing the villa of our dreams, we must take into consideration some fundamental factors so that the project is approved and the works can actually start. The villa must be designed from a design, logistical and bureaucratic point of view and, in this phase of work, its urban planning framework is essential. These are therefore evaluations that allow us to imagine what the future integration of our home will be like within the urban context in which we plan to build it. It is in this phase that the first style assessments are made, that we think about the positioning of the openings and the whole series of optimizations that can make the difference for our house.

– Actual design of the villa: a professional architect, once having heard the client’s ideas, requests and budget, draws up a first draft of the project, which already includes the arrangement of the furniture. Clearly this is a project that can undergo changes based on the client’s requests but, once the plan of the villa has been completed and the project has been made official, we can move on to the creation of a 3D model, useful for visualizing even better what the villa will look like. villa once completed.

– Technical systems: what do you need to know? Always during the design phase of the villa, particular attention must be paid to the question of the systems and all the related technical aspects. We are referring to work relating to elaborate gardens with particular irrigation systems, swimming pools, thermo-hydraulic systems and so on.


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Type of villas

The design of a villa is closely connected to the type of property we wish to create which, as already mentioned, also changes depending on the environment in which it is built. Depending on the location, some aspects may change which it is good to know in advance.

Villa with sea view: if you want to build a villa in a seaside area, the ideal is to create a project that allows you to enhance the fact that the house is located near the water. A villa that overlooks the beach, for example, is made the most of if it has a rear entrance that allows direct access (provided that local regulations allow it). In terms of style and aesthetics, in maritime areas – as far as exteriors are concerned – soft colors are preferable, especially white. In the case of a villa in a seaside area, it is then inevitable to think about the possibility of building a large patio or a large outdoor area, so that you can enjoy the sun and salty air during the hottest season. The construction of the villa must however always take place respecting the place where the building is chosen.

Villa in the mountains: owning a villa in the mountains allows you to go on holiday and disconnect from city stress at any time of the year. In terms of climate, in fact, it is possible to use it during all seasons, both for the Christmas and New Year holidays, and for the August holidays. The preferable style for villas in mountain areas is the typical chalet style, which recalls a log cabin. Wood is certainly a material to prefer, together with natural stone. Depending on the budget, the possibility of creating a Turkish bath/sauna or, in general, a personal spa (inside or outside the home) cannot be ruled out. A key point when designing a villa in the mountains is contact with nature, which must be encouraged as much as possible also thanks to the choice of design and arrangement of furniture.

Villa in the city: the same applies also in the case of a city villa. Having to fit into a specific urban context, which changes from city to city, the city villa must also follow a particular style, which cannot differ too much from that of the surrounding homes, because it is good to maintain a defined neighborhood aesthetic. In the case of a villa in the city, the client’s needs can be multiple, from the presence of a large garden to that of more than one garage. As regards specific requests and the need for customizations, it is clearly always necessary to take into account the budget which, defined in the initial phase of work, allows us to understand which interventions are possible and which would instead be too expensive for the customer. Always based on the budget, alternative solutions can be thought of, which allow the customer to be satisfied without having to shell out a fortune for what he wants.

Interiors: how to enhance your villa

Based on the general type of villa you intend to design, it is possible to think more specifically about its furnishings. The task of interior design will therefore be to evaluate what is the most appropriate style for each type of home, which fits with the surrounding environment but also with the personality of the future tenants.

As we were saying, in the case of a villa with a sea view, soft colors are particularly recommended, especially white, which gives airiness and makes the rooms seem more spacious. Ivory white is also excellent for parquet floors, which goes well with light-coloured wooden furniture (we recommend choosing wicker, ash and birch). For the living area we suggest spacious sofas, armchairs and soft seats (such as poufs) which allow you to enjoy the sea view even more. Again for the living area, we suggest very large windows and glass doors, so that light can filter into all the spaces of the house and make it even more welcoming. For seaside villa design we usually suggest sticking to a minimalist style.

In mountain villas, however, it is possible to dare a little more with dark colors, with materials with a strong character such as wood and natural stone. The chalet style involves the creation of large common areas, windows that let in plenty of light and a fireplace corner that gives a touch of warmth and familiarity to the environment. For the living room of the villa in the mountains you can think of a more demanding light point, such as a large chandelier, placed in the center of the living area where comfortable sofas cannot be missing. For villas in the mountains you must then understand whether you want to prefer a luxury style or rather a traditional and more “homemade” style. Based on this choice, the selection of furniture will also change, more or less modern.

Even in villas in the city, open spaces cannot be missing, which can be managed in an imaginative way with regards to furnishings, according to everyone’s tastes. For the modern style, we suggest the contrast between light and dark colors, which give personality to the environment. If, however, you prefer traditional villas, go ahead to use wood and brick.

Exteriors: what to choose?

In a villa with all comforts you cannot miss:

⁃ A terrace, which allows you to enjoy a splendid view of the sea or the mountain. This is an essential space if you want to enjoy 100% of the environment surrounding the villa. In the case of a villa in the city, however, it can be an excellent alternative to a garden, where it is not possible to build one.

⁃ A garden, which certainly gives value to the project. The outdoor space must also be well designed, so that it is possible to find the trees and flowers you want in time. Inside the garden it is then possible to insert a swimming pool, which represents an investment that will be fully repaid in terms of memories that can be built around it (parties, aperitifs and special celebrations).

Who to rely on: interior designers and architects

Our goal, as a team of architects and interior designers, is to work as best as possible for the design of unique villas, single-family or semi-detached, with a modern, luxury or traditional style, depending on taste. We think about environments that are as functional as possible and have an attractive style. So contact us for the design of modern houses and villas.


Renovation or new construction? Here's who to turn to for interior design

In these few paragraphs we have already had the opportunity to see how complicated the interior design of a villa is in its main areas, without even having gone into the details of passage areas, master bedrooms, bathrooms and so on.

For a tailor-made interior design, which truly reflects the spirit of your villa, rely on professionals in the sector. Our architecture studio specifically deals with interior design, making use of a team of specialists who will be able to satisfy your wishes while respecting the floor plan of your luxurious villa. Our mission is to create unique, functional and captivating environments, which follow a well-defined style and which match your vision. Write to us to find out more.


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