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Design wellness center


Design wellness center

So if you too are an entrepreneur with the idea of creating a wellness center, know that we are the right people to turn to. Our studio of architects and interior designers can boast a team of experts in the design of wellness centers. We will be able to accompany you step by step in creating the structure of your spa and organizing its interiors.

Relaxation has become an even more important factor in people’s lives today than in the past. The frenetic pace of modern life is so heavy that we often cannot keep up with it. It is therefore essential to understand when our mind and body begin to need a break from work and commitments. Given the high demand in this sector, the openings of spas and wellness centers are also increasing. It is not uncommon for hotels and accommodation facilities to choose to expand their wellness services, making corners dedicated to personal care available to customers.


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Designing wellness centers: the steps to follow

The design of a wellness center for hospitality facilities needs to follow fairly complex criteria compared to those that regulate private spas. Each structure is different, which is why it requires personalized and absolutely tailor-made technical solutions, which allow functionality, efficiency and, last but not least, good aesthetics. Everything must then be thought of so that the service leads to a good economic return; therefore, so that the initial outlay for launching the business is repaid within the first 2-3 years. You therefore understand that this is a complex job for which it is best to involve professionals with specific training and background.

It is possible that you have excellent knowledge in the entrepreneurial field and even a solid basis regarding the spatial organization of a wellness center, but projects of this type, in which architecture, design, research into style and compliance with specific specifications come into play rules, they need to be followed by more people, so that the final result is more than satisfactory.

To make your big dream come true, here are some useful tips that you should follow. These are 5 steps which, in principle, will allow you to design a successful wellness center or spa.

  • Feasibility check: therefore the execution of a study that allows you to ascertain the possibility of actually carrying out a project of this magnitude.
  • Creation of a preliminary project: which indicates the times and methods of construction of the structure, as well as an estimate of what the costs will be to complete the wellness center.
  • Verification of customer flows: both those that a hospitality facility already has and those it may have in the future (with a plan of at least 5 years). It is therefore necessary to hypothesize how these flows could change following the opening of a spa, for example, within a hotel. Based on the data collected, it is then necessary to understand how many people are needed to manage the spa and with what type of previous training. Personnel costs must then be calculated in the financial statement, as well as those relating to machinery and products to be purchased. The study of the customer target also allows you to create a targeted wellness path, for which it is necessary to study the layout of the spaces.
  • Subdivision of the spa rooms: in order to make the most of the spaces made available by the accommodation facility. You need to understand how to design the cabins, steam rooms, saunas, swimming pools and so on. An in-depth study of the spaces really makes the difference between amateur wellness centers and professional spas. You therefore understand well the importance of relying on an architectural firm to ensure a clear design and an adequate analysis of the plan of the accommodation facility.
  • Care for aesthetics and spaces: because ‘even the eye wants its part’. Your wellness center must be designed according to a well-defined style, carried out coherently within all environments. Only in this way will the relaxation experience for your customer be truly all-encompassing and satisfying. You must therefore also think about the care of the interiors, whether it is a large project or the design of a small spa.

Design of wellness centers and spas: the rules to follow

When designing a wellness centre, it is necessary to clarify the regulatory issue, because to date there are actually no very precise indications that regulate the activity of professional spas, but this does not mean that there are no bureaucratic requirements to be fulfilled. term. In fact, the rules relating to hygiene, as well as those for correct management of spaces, are very important and mandatory to follow.

The bodies with which it is necessary to interface are therefore the municipal ones, the local ASL and, in the case of professional spas with a surface area greater than 200 m2, the Fire Brigade. The latter are in fact responsible for carrying out the necessary checks on the adequacy of the fire prevention systems. If you also plan to open a section dedicated to beauty care for your wellness center, know that additional specific qualifications are mandatory to practice the profession of beautician.

The design of a wellness center cannot ignore an evaluation of the construction and organization characteristics of the structure, which must be equipped with specific functional aspects relating to lighting, temperature, the electrical system and, last but not least, the quality of the ‘air.


Who should you trust for the creation of a wellness center?

So let’s go back to this important question, namely: who should I rely on for the conception, design and construction of a respectable spa or wellness center? There is only one answer: to experienced professionals who guarantee you peace of mind and safety for as long as necessary. To people who have already experienced the complexity of work of this type and who boast the design of equally ambitious beauty centers or hotels in their portfolio.

So if you want to build your new spa or carry out the renovation of a wellness center you can write to the architects and interior designers of our studio and entrust them with the care of the interiors and exteriors of your large project.


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