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Home Renovation Project: From Old to Modern with Italian Style

This home renovation project transformed an old, poorly laid-out apartment into a modern and unique home. The key to the transformation was demolishing some walls to create an open space divided into different areas: dining, living room, and reading space.

A special glass wall with LED lights was used to separate the kitchen from the rest of the living area. This “glass wall” also serves as the entrance to the house, creating a unique “scenography” for anyone who enters.

The flooring also plays an important role in the design. The living area is covered in concrete-effect stoneware, while the sofa area features diagonally laid oak parquet, creating a sort of “carpet effect” that delimits and highlights this area.

The furniture style is a mix of vintage and shabby chic. The sleeping area has a wooden parquet floor and the bedroom features a walk-in closet separated from the rest of the room by a mirrored door. A vintage-style bookcase has been installed in the bedroom, making the environment even more elegant and sophisticated.

Italian Style and Design

This home renovation project is a perfect example of Italian style and design. The use of high-quality materials, the attention to detail, and the focus on functionality and comfort are all hallmarks of Italian design.

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