Pizzeria Slurp


Alitini Design: Elevate Your Pizzeria with Rustic Italian Charm


At Alitini Design, we are passionate about creating unique and inviting pizzeria interiors that capture the essence of Italian hospitality. We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with a local pizzeria to transform their space into a warm and welcoming haven for pizza lovers.

Rustic Charm Meets Modern Design

Our design concept for this pizzeria was inspired by the rustic charm of traditional Italian trattorias, combined with a touch of modern elegance. The focal point of the space is the stunning bar counter, crafted from reclaimed wooden planks. The counter’s surface is adorned with a unique LED lighting system that cascades between the planks, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

Honoring Tradition with a Modern Twist

To further enhance the rustic ambiance, we incorporated two reclaimed wooden logs into the bar counter, their surfaces painted in a vibrant mustard hue. These logs serve as a symbolic representation of the sun, a symbol of warmth and nourishment. To accentuate the logs, we added a subtle LED glow, drawing the eye and adding a touch of whimsy to the space.

A Culinary Relic on Display

Behind the bar counter, nestled within an illuminated glass case, lies a cherished relic: a well-worn pizza paddle. Reminiscent of the iconic guitar displays at Hard Rock Cafés, this paddle serves as a testament to the pizzeria’s culinary heritage and passion for crafting authentic Italian pizzas.

Architectural Accents

To highlight the pizzeria’s charming architecture, we painted the arched walls to the left of the bar counter in a striking two-tone color scheme, featuring mustard and burgundy hues. This color combination accentuates the traditional architectural features while adding a touch of contemporary flair.

Modern Display with a Touch of Rustic Charm

On the right side of the entrance, we positioned a series of display cubes, each featuring a backdrop painted in a rich burgundy hue, reminiscent of an angel’s wings. These cubes serve as a platform to showcase the pizzeria’s delectable creations, adding a touch of elegance and visual interest to the space.

Custom-Made Furniture and Unique Pizza Box Storage

To complement the overall design aesthetic, we crafted custom-made furniture pieces that blend seamlessly with the rustic ambiance. For a touch of modern ingenuity, we designed a unique S-shaped plexiglass shelf to store the pizzeria’s pizza boxes. This transparent shelf allows the vibrant colors of the pizza boxes to shine through, adding a playful touch to the décor.

The Italian Style

Throughout our design process, we were guided by the principles of Italian style, emphasizing warmth, authenticity, and a deep appreciation for culinary traditions. The result is a pizzeria interior that exudes a welcoming atmosphere, inviting guests to savor the flavors of Italy in a setting that is both rustic and refined.


At Alitini Design, we believe that pizzeria interiors should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also reflect the unique character and culinary offerings of the establishment. We are committed to collaborating with our clients to create spaces that capture the essence of Italian hospitality and leave a lasting impression on pizza lovers.